Mold Remediation

ph-crop-moldChronic water damage and mold can negatively impact the health of the home and its occupants not to mention personal property. How you respond and who you hire can significantly impact your cost and liability exposure.

If it smells like mold, looks like mold, it probably is mold

This can be due to an ongoing water intrusion or prior event such as a sink over flow or pipe rupture which resulted in significant water damage. The history and age of the property can very much dictate the steps and procedures required to return the property back to its pre-loss condition.

A visual inspection and examining of the premises in most cases is required. If suspect mold is growing and visible this can help determine the scope of work, expectations and potential complications. If mold is actively growing and can be visibly confirmed a pre-remediation evaluation or survey may not always be necessary. This ultimately comes down to preference of the client and each individual unique situation. If there is a health or exposure risk then in many cases a pre-remediation evaluation or survey and air sampling is recommended.

Bay Area Mitigation technicians are equipped with the knowledge, training and experience required to handle your mold remediation project. Each technician is equipped and trained with personal protective equipment (PPE) and the appropriate tools and know how.